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Holi Tour 2024 — a Review

By Darcy H.

The India for Beginners annual Women-Only Holi Tour was a big hit with participant Darcy H. – as you can read from her very detailed review below! 

The tour itinerary started in Delhi and included a visit to Sariska tiger reserve, four days in Jaipur – where we celebrated Holi at a fabulous private party – and then, at the end, we went to the Taj Mahal. I accompanied the tour and had a great time with the group, which also included Rita, Kathy, Paola, and Maria. Here’s Darcy’s review:

Darcy at Humayun’s Tomb in Delhi, March 2024.

The Holi Tour in detail

What I loved most about India was both cultural and spiritual. It is truly a mystical country — a walk in time that is rich in cultural heritage and history, vibrant and colourful, and alive with tradition.

After researching online for solo trips to India, I found the India for Beginners Women-Only Holi Tour and immediately it felt as though the trip was designed specifically for me and my interests. As a solo female traveller, the small group tour provided me the opportunity to explore India safely and at a well-balanced pace, and to only experience those places and activities that interested me. As a result, I enjoyed everything during my 11 days on the ground in India. From the monuments of Delhi to the hospitality of Jaipur the “Pink City” and the Mughal-era city of Agra and the beautiful and iconic Taj Mahal, and everything in between.

From beginning to end everything ran extremely smooth and I felt immersed into a taste of India –a taste that leaves you wanting to come back for more. The accommodations were lovely, including a hospitable Homestay in Delhi, a boutique hotel in Jaipur and a luxury hotel and spa in Agra. Indian cuisine is arguably one of the world’s most popular styles and I was excited for my own foodie experiences, and every meal was an event unto itself.

A memorable adventure

The tour combination was fascinating –a mix of old and new, a conflagration of tourist hot spots, hip and trendy, city, and country. The private Holi celebration in Jaipur was a highlight –we were warmly welcomed into a local family home and engaged in traditional, celebratory dancing and home cooked food and delicacies. In Jaipur we also enjoyed a private cooking demonstration and dinner with a local family whose hospitality made us feel like we were old friends –another Jaipur highlight. Utsav Camp Sariska was holistic and peaceful. The stone cabin bungalows were luxurious with panoramic views of nature, the food was farm to table and the service was exceptional. 

On the jeep safaris at Sariska Tiger Reserve we saw an abundance of monkeys, various species of deer and birds, and of course, the Bengal tiger and Indian leopard. The grand finale was the majestic Taj Mahal, surreal is the only descriptive I can explain. All the tour activities were well planned and executed and we were afforded the flexibility to tailor some of our time to meet the needs and likes of our group, coupled with great tour-mates, making it an experience to remember and treasure.

I especially enjoyed being accompanied on our tour by Mariellen, the proprietor of Breathedreamgo and a local resident. Her preparedness to go above and beyond in ensuring our India visit was not just a tour but an experience. Her familiarity with all our hosts and guides and the localities and culture was a delight and made the experience very personal and intimate. I’m thankful I finally visited India, and I’m grateful to Mariellen and Breathedreamgo for the opportunity to experience such a memorable and personal adventure.”

  • Darcy H, April 2024
At Bar Palladio Jaipur
Mariellen and Darcy at Bar Palladio, Jaipur

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