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Students in saris during Study Abroad in India program

In March 2024, 14 students and three faculty from Texas A&M University visited India on a Study Abroad program organized by India for Beginners. The Study Abroad in India Tour was created (in conjunction with a Virtual Study Abroad program) as a collaboration between Texas A&M University’s School of Education and Human Development and India for Beginners custom tours.

We loved hosting the students and faculty and we especially enjoyed designing culturally relevant activities that were also fun, engaging, and educational. We designed an itinerary for the Texas A&M students that included both top tourist attractions like the Taj Mahal and also interactive cultural activities such as a block-print workshop, a cricket game, a Bollywood dancing class, and a Yoga session.

students learning Yoga during Study Abroad in India program

How it all started

In late 2022, Dr. Robert “Jay” Woodward of the School of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University contacted India for Beginners about a potential study abroad tour. Jay had an ambitious plan that included a virtual study abroad program that required story-telling skills.

Jay contacted India for Beginners because I am travel writer and blogger (Breathedreamgo), I’ve spent many years travelling and living in India, and I am a tour operator. He needed someone with story-telling skills and also travel & tour expertise. India for Beginners offered the perfect combination.

The India for Beginners team — Mariellen, Anjani, and Ujjwal — began planning a very special 12-day tour that started in Delhi, and took them to Agra and Jaipur. This tourist circuit is called the Golden Triangle of India, and it is a specialty of India for Beginners as we are based in Delhi and know it well. We played cricket and did a Bollywood dance class in Delhi, visited the Taj Mahal in Jaipur, and did a block-printing workshop and a Yoga session in Jaipur, among other activities — including a gala closing night dinner and party.

students at cricket ground during Study Abroad in India program

“India for Beginners orchestrated an unforgettable journey that transformed me profoundly. The meticulous planning and genuine warmth of the IFB team enchanted every encounter.”

Christine R., student

The tour unfolds

In March 2024, 14 students and three faculty — led by Dr. Woodward, Michelle Kwok, and Erinn Whiteside — arrived in Delhi to begin the tour. For 12 days, the India for Beginners team guided them around Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. A video crew accompanied them to record the tour for the Virtual Study Abroad program.

“I am confident that choosing India for Beginners was the right choice. The entire India for Beginners team put incredible care and thought into planning our activities and our travel.”

Michelle Kwok, teacher

We can arrange your study abroad tour in India

India for Beginners can arrange an unforgettable study abroad program in India for your group, university, association, or school. The Study Abroad Tour and Virtual Study Abroad program we organized for Texas A&M University is just one example. We have also created group tours for women’s travel groups, Yoga teachers, and many others.

Please contact us to begin your transformational journey to India. We can create the perfect itinerary for your group, prepare the students or group members for travel to India, and run the tour with our trademark warmth and professionalism.


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