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Mariellen Ward at the Taj Mahal, India

Welcome to the india for Beginners travel blog

It’s been a while since I started a new travel blog. Some long-time followers may know, I started travel blogging in India in 2005 – which makes me one of the very first travel bloggers. This was at the very beginning of travel blogging, and very early days of social media. It was just a casual blog on a shared platform, but if you’re interested in this relic, you can find it here.

Over time, I got serious about both travel in India and travel blogging, and started blogging professionally in 2009 with the launch of Breathedreamgo. As I kept travelling in India, blogging, and dispensing travel advice … I finally decided to do two things:

  1. Move to India
  2. Start a tour company.

So, I moved to India in September 2018, and with the indispensable help of Anjani Nandan, started India for Beginners in October 2019.

Anjani and I originally met in 2017 when I was planning a tour, and we worked together on a Shakti Tour, along with operations wizard Ujjwal Mukherjee. It was from this experience that we decided to work together. We slowly started creating India for Beginners and just got going when the pandemic hit.

As the world started to return to normal, we resumed building India for Beginners, and luckily started to grow and expand as we helped more and more people travel happily and safely to India.

Helping people get the most out of their trip to India is our motivation and our reward. We love sharing our insider knowledge about the best places to stay, the shortest travel routes, the sights you shouldn’t miss, the dishes you have to try, etc. 

India can be an overwhelming destination, especially for first-time visitors. We know that we save people a lot of hassles and help them avoid a lot of potential problems … But the funny part is, if we do our job well, our travellers will never know what *might* have been!

Thanks for travelling with us on this journey …

Love from India,



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