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The basics about travel in India

There ‘s a lot to learn about travel in India, from what to wear, to how to book trains, to preventing Delhi belly.

There is nowhere like India. Even if you’ve travelled extensively in Asia, India is different. There is a steep learning curve to travel in India, a lot you need to learn, until you feel comfortable. This post covers a few basics, and includes links to Breathedreamgo — a travel blog with a lot of tips, advice, information, and recommendations. And also read Tips for women travellers here.

The aarti ceremony in Varanasi is a spectacular and ancient ritual.

India is large, old, diverse, and devout!

India is the 7th largest country on earth in terms of size, and the 2nd in terms of population with about 1.3 billion. The culture of India stretches back to the mists of time, at least 5,000 years ago. There are incredible archaeological sites, ancient monuments, tombs, forts, palaces, and abandoned cities all over India. Varanasi is one of the oldest cities in the world.

The coastline of India is 7,500 kilometers (4,600 miles). There are 104 national parks and 50 tiger reserves. India has about 3,000 wild tigers — approximately 70% of the world’s wild tigers. There are 29 states and 7 union territories in India, and each has a unique culture. There are thousands of languages in India, and 22 are considered official. 

The Indian subcontinent is the birthplace of four of the world’s major religions: Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, and Sikhism.

In other words, there is literally no end of things to see, do, and experience in India. The Golden Triangle (Jaipur-Delhi-Agra) and the Taj Mahal are just the beginning!

Amber Fort in Jaipur is beautifully preserved from the 16th century

Travel tips for India

The Golden Temple in Amritsar is dazzling and also very peaceful and serene.

Useful links to Breathedreamgo

On my travel blog Breathedreamgo, I have a lot of resources to help you travel in India. Here are some useful links to get you started. Start here with Breathedreamgo’s Guide to Travel in India.

Taj Mahal in India
Mariellen at the Taj Mahal in the early morning mist.

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