India for Beginners

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India for Beginners custom tours are especially designed for solo female travellers, first time visitors to India, and people with a “beginner’s mind” who want to see India in a new way, with a focus on sustainability and authenticity. Our mission is to help people travel safely and well in India.

Experience the magic of India … with sustainable travel choices that support the environment and local communities.

Four seasons in India

Our top picks for where to travel in India during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter.

Breathedreamgo India Travel Guide

Since 2005, Mariellen Ward of Breathedreamgo has been travelling in India and blogging.

Mariellen is the founder of India for Beginners and shares useful and inspiring information about travel in India on her blog

Tips & advice

Our best advice, tips, hacks, and recommendations for travel in India. Everything you need to know!

Once you have felt the dust of India, you will never be free of it.

Rumer Godden

Treasures of India

There’s so much more to see in India than the Taj Mahal! Here are some of the lesser known, but still incredible, places and experiences you should see.